A drawing






This is a drawing I made today from start, it’s bath, and finish.


Quit your smoking!!


Hubby got this in the mail today from work. I don’t know anyone who loves to fill out work books more than I do, but I want one!! I wish my work, (a hospital) would be this proactive about helping employees to quit. Our quit date is Saturday.

Getting Crotchety

Who knew that being taught how to crochet for 2 min, then being left to my own devices, I would completely make up a stitch. It’s not a half, single, double, or triple stitch, it’s one of my very own. I am proud of myself and teaching others is a real treat.

Of course I have lofty dreams of making blankets, selling on etsy, and retiring early, ha!

Just goes to show that when I want something, I’ll do it my own way to produce something. I’m getting a lot of praise and my ego has been in need of a boost.





So I had a job interview today, my first in book design in a long while. They seem to be hard to come by. Anyways, I go and do a dummy cover, front end, and first chapter. I got a email saying to come into the office. I emailed today to get more details before hand and I get a reply saying my time slot was taken and they are no longer hiring. I’m crushed. Deflated. Has this happened to you? Fingers crossed something else comes up, until then, eck.

Is this the norm?!

Life Goes Away

Why is it, that some days, life is like a painful knife being slid into your side. Then others, it passes so quickly that before you know it, months have gone by. Getting back on my feet here, slowly, slowly.

Its time to stop being afraid and to get my feet wet and just go for it. At this point, anything would be better than what I’m doing. The requirements my life needs to get out of this whole seem out of my reach but I will find some way to get around this. I’ve been a tenacious spirit that’s tied to guilt, that’s held me down.

Look out, here I come!!!

Dusting off my huting folio

When I graduated in 2006 from The Art Institutes International MN, I was in need of a portfolio. As I held off on buying one until almost the bitter end, I knew I wanted something that wasn’t black and wrapped in leather. Looking around my classroom, everyone had a over sized square that looked as though they were walking around with a giant sensor bar. It was as though it was halting their progress. If it was held by their side, it was blocking their legs. They were not moving, they were black boxes walking the halls. If it was in their arms, it stopped all progress by controlling their arms. I needed something better.

Being the creative thinker that I am, I went to Penco. You know the place, the over priced store around the corner where all the really cool/rich artists go. Intimidating to say the least. I looked and I looked and I was caked in black, square, boring boxes. I dug a little deeper, then a little deeper. Then there, like the champion 18 point buck it was, came a gleaming blaze orange, rectangular, glorious folio. It was calling my name!!

Sure it was more than the black boxes, yes it wasn’t the norm, but I’m not the norm. After finding this glorious blaze orange plexiglass folio, I knew its name would never be portfolio.

Happy with my buy, I wanted to keep it a secret. I didn’t want the idea suckers in my room to come near my new precious!! I covered it, I kept it secret, I tried, I really did! Then, my professor caught its eye. As my face hit the desk, he lifted my beauty up over his head and announced to the class that this, is what creative is. Jaws hit the floor, the air in the room being sucked up by all the gasps. My cover has been blown.

Every time I look at my folio that’s now 7 years old, I admire my work from when I was in school. I am looking forward to treating my folio to new ideas. Knowing that it won’t happen over night, but I’m hopeful.